Accounting Services for Condominium Properties

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Support and Resources

for Cond‍‍‍ominium self-Management

Condominium self-management is becoming increasingly popular as a method to reduce condo fees, and gain control over major issues.

REH Condo Accounting can provide ‍‍‍the expert and experienced support with bookkeeping, monthly financial statements, annual operating budgets, and a multi year Reserve Fund Plan/Budget. This will enable the board of directors to operate within a well thought out financial framework. ‍‍‍


With the help of our accounting and administrative support, boa‍‍‍rds are quite able to successfully manage the day to day operations of their property‍‍‍ ie: initiating general maintenance and repairs, and contractor select‍‍‍ion. We can help with our referrals of numerous qualified contractors, insurance brokers, lawyers, investment brokers, and reserve fund study experts.

R‍‍‍EH Condo Accounting‍‍‍